Commercial Holiday Lights Installation

Lights Installation

Transform your business environment into something magical and inspirational so you can attract more customers, boost employee morale and advertise your company all at the same time. There is a strong sense of community during the holidays with everyone happier, kinder, and more generous. We have a solution for all lighting needs and can help your organization stand out this year and ever year to come. We install holiday lights on a number of property types including: shopping centers, health care facilities, office buildings, restaurants, municipalities, HOA's, car dealerships, and event parks.

Lighting Design Consulting

Lighting Design Consulting

When you hire We Hang Christmas Lights, you have a partner throughout the entire holiday lighting season. From the design, to project management to actual installation, our expert lighting installers are beside you every step of the way. We are a one stop shop providing all design, lighting materials, labor, and support.

Our priority is to execute your vision precisely with quality lighting and outstanding customer service. Whether you would like a Wreath, Roof Line, Trees, Garland, Snowflakes, or even Custom Decor we will focus on the details so you can attend to your business.

First, is the discovery stage where your expert We Hang Christmas Lights design consultant assesses your needs and collects all of the information needed to convert them into your own dreamy holiday winter wonderland. Second, is an on-site evaluation. In order to provide us with a clear picture of the project’s scope and avoid any unnecessary complications or logistic surprises down the road.

Depending on the scope of the job, we will share with you an estimate which will include various pieces of information so you’ll have clear expectations. These may include similar projects in the past, site renderings, lighting feature, specification, plans, options and budget.


Christmas Lights Installation

A mesmerizing Christmas lights display can truly leverage the magic of the holidays to increase sales and support other new business initiatives. From brand awareness and public relations exposure to increasing foot traffic and visibility, can truly make a difference in your businesses bottom line.

So, what type of Christmas lights décor can we deliver to help transform your place of business into “The” place to be” for the holidays? Think magical lighting welcoming guests into your space, cheery towering trees at the entrances, Christmas trees decorated in dazzling lights, festive roof lines, joyful pathways with candy canes on display and celebratory buildings.

Maintenance & Removal

Maintenance & Removal

With We Hang Christmas Lights, you can rent your hassle-free Christmas lights and décor while letting us take care of all the details. Not only do we install your chosen masterpiece of lights, we also remove the entire installation during the month of January

Maintenance is provided throughout the season, so you can always count on a lasting light display. You or your staff can also text, call or email us at anytime. In addition, we have a dedicated service team who handles all service calls and does regular courtesy drive-bys to ensure that lights are always properly working.



When you rent our holiday lights and decor, rest assured all items are labeled, packed into bins and stored in our climate controlled warehouse so they are easily located and ready for installation the following season. Since these decor items are mass-produced and applied outdoors, installed and removed, they tend to be finicky in nature as a result of their use. We provide the proper climate controlled storage required in order for the lights to maintain long term duration and withstand various weather conditions while reducing the risk of our customers losing the lighting materials. If any lights fail before, during or after the season, we replace at our cost.

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